Cardiac Rehabilitation

Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation program is designed to maximize each individual’s level of well-being by promoting positive lifestyle changes.  Our goal is to prevent cardiovascular disease and to assist patients with disease to achieve a full and productive life.

Cardiac Rehabilitation monitors and improves the recovery process, increases physical fitness, and reduces the risk of new cardiovascular related disorders.  This is accomplished through a combination of supervised exercise sessions and education intended to improve each individual’s level of physical conditioning and understanding of heart disease.

Focusing on lifestyle behaviors, Cardiac Rehabilitation teaches about heart disease, symptoms and management, and helps decrease risk factors for coronary artery disease.  Program staff will provide educational opportunities to help patients stop smoking, lose weight, lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, and reduce stress in a supportive and motivational environment.

 Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Provides an exercise program that is effective, safe and appropriate for the individual’s health, age, and physical ability.
  • Covers topics such as recovering from heart disease, recognizing warning signs and symptoms, progressing physical activity at home and returning to work.
  • Reduces the risk of a new heart attack by offering risk factor screening and modification programs for the patient and family members.
  • Functions as an interactive communication tool between the physician and patient.
  • Provides attending physician(s) with valuable information about the patient’s recovery and progress by monitoring vital signs, symptom and exercise response including electrocardiogram (when indicated), heart rate, blood pressure and perceived exertion.
  • Provides specific guidelines for physical activity in a supportive, encouraging and motivating environment.
  • Serves as a resource for empowering educational information about heart disease and prevention and how to reduce your risk through good nutrition and physical activity.
  • Provides long-term supervised exercise and education through our
  • Phase III and/or Fitness Center maintenance programs.                

Cardiac Rehabilitation Staff

William Phillips, D.O.

Medical Director

Allen Duyck, Physical Therapist

Rehabilitation Services Supervisor

Cory Renk, M.S., R.C.E.P.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator

Greer Fish, R.N., M.S.

Gwen Sample, R.N.

Julie Richey, RD, CDE

The Phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase I

This phase is an inpatient activity program that takes place during the hospital stay as ordered by the patient’s physician.  During this program patients are prepared for activities of daily living upon discharge.  Furthermore, patients and significant others may receive education regarding heart disease, risk factor reduction, activity guidelines as they return home, and symptoms which should be reported to their physician.

Phase II

This is a physician referred outpatient program offered at Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital usually within the first month following hospital discharge.  During this program, patients attend regularly scheduled exercise sessions that are individually prescribed and supervised by trained staff members.  During this phase patients receive blood pressure and heart rhythm monitoring with each session.  Furthermore, patients receive education regarding heart disease, dietary modifications, risk factor reduction and other health related topics.

Phase III

This is a physician referred, extended outpatient/maintenance program designed for graduates of the Phase II program who choose, or require additional rehabilitation in a supervised setting.  Participants in this program receive an individual exercise program, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring each session.  Furthermore, patients receive continued education consistent with the Phase II program.

Admission to Cardiac Rehabilitation

A physician referral is required for admission to these programs.  Once your physician has ordered Cardiac Rehabilitation, please call (906) 341-3276 or 1-888-460-8724  ext. 3276 to arrange an appointment for program entry.

Orientation Session

You will be scheduled for an orientation session to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.  At this time a staff member will review your medical history, go over your exercise prescription and establish goals for program.  Your risk factor profile for cardiovascular disease will also be evaluated and goals will be set to help you lower your risk.  Furthermore, the staff will orient you to all of the components of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

Financial Considerations

Many insurance companies including Medicare, may provide coverage for Phase I and Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation.  For additional information about insurance coverage, please contact the Cardiac Rehabilitation staff at (906) 341-3231 or 1-888-460-8724 ext. 3231.

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Everyone in the ambulatory care/outpatient surgery were great!! They all made me feel very comfortable and did a great job!!! thank you to the whole outpatient staff and Doctor Rayner..I would recommend Schoolcraft or patient to anyone in need of surgery

Reviewer: Jeremy Sitkoski

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5 out of 5 stars

The care that was provided by The nurses (Cindy, Felicia Ruth) and staff was exceptional. The entire staff was very friendly and made you feel welcome. We received a call from Felicia the next day to check on my husband to check his pain level and do a follow up. The surgery area from check in to check out was well organized, clean, and up to date. Thank you to all of you for what you do so well and everything beyond your normal duties.

Reviewer: Maureen DesChamps

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Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital
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Very detailed, very caring and thorough.
I met with Dr. Randall a couple of days ago and was very impressed. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and was receptive to my inquiries. I would highly recommend him as an orthopedic specialist.
Great dr explains everything really good
Dr. Bambang M.D. and team did an excellent job. The procedure I was dreading turned out to be a pleasant experience. I'd recommend SMH.
Dr Madjar is an excellent doctor. He has taken great care of me. He always answers all my questions.
Super nice doctor and nursing staff. I was in and out in record time with fantastic results!
Always awesome and very informative
I was nervous about my procedure yesterday but everything just fell in place with staff working so smoothly and professionally, very competent and personable. Dr Baumbach is very re-assuring, and his staff follows his lead. Very pleasant. We are very blessed not only to have our great facility, but to have so many kind and skilled people!
Nurses and both Dr Bambach and anesthesiologist were very kind and professional.
Andrew is a very knowledgeable PA and willing to share what he knows on any medical issue. He is well read and referred to different articles published in the New England Journal of Medicine for further research if needed.
Gave me the info and asked me if I had any questions
Great, the best!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the positive review! - Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Administration
I recently saw Dr. Schoenow in the ER. I was very fortunate that he was on staff that evening along with nurses Dawn, Elizabeth, and Cheryl. They all worked very quickly and professionally and got me the immediate attention and relief that I needed. I could not be happier with the care I received and I’m very thankful for the ER and imaging staff at SCMH.Yes, I may also be an employee of Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, but it’s nice to be able to compliment my coworkers for their hard work and also say that while I was in an unfortunate situation, I received outstanding care which made a bad situation a lot easier to deal with.Thanks again Dr. Schoenow and ER Staff. Thanks for working over and filling in Dawn. I’m so glad you were there.
My youngest child was hurt while we were in town for a wedding. We chose to take her to the Clinic to be seen. They were so sweet, kind, and efficient! Everyone from the receptionist (Heidi), nurse (Breann), doctor (Dennis), and X-ray tech (Steve) were great! They made our Sunday morning trip to the clinic a quick and (mostly) painless event. They got us in and out as quickly as they could and the doctor, Dennis, even called to check on her a few days later. This was hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had in a hospital environment.
Very good Doctor
Very nice bedside manners, all in all just a very good ER doc you can tell he's really concerned about his patients
Dr Schoenow is an excellent doctor. Hospital very clean and friendly nurses and staff
Excellence should be called out. The care my son received from ER staff Dr. Schoenow, Dr. Dums, Nurses Makenzie, Regina, Ann and more was second to NONE! Dr. Schoenow and the ER nurses did not stop even stayed after his shift to get answers that helped my boy. The follow up treatment he received from Dr. Dums and his NP Ellie after his admission was just as amazing. When loved ones get very ill, at times it is thought that a hospital in a larger city could provide better care. In our case this could not be further from the truth! The Doctors consulted with U of M, Green Bay and Marquette bringing “big city Hospitals” to us, who by the way only confirmed what Dr. Schoenow suspected. I always felt comfortable with the staff and knew my son was safe in their care. They educated my wife and I, treated us like royalty and melted our anxieties. WELL DONE!! This is what professionalism looks like.
Response from the owner: Josh, thank you for your kind words. We have the best employees. We will pass along your words of praise. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.
Dr. Schoenow is an excellent physician. He is very thorough. He very open to questions and his answers are concise and thoughtful.
He was great, I was sorry to catch them on a day right after a holiday, but the whole team was great!!
Very professional and helpful and the nurses were great
I love having a hospital in Schoolcraft Co.We are so lucky.I appreciate the passing of the ambulance millagemillage
Wonderful very understanding
Superior quality treatment by a compassionate professional. All our questions were answered. My husband was anxious about having his peg tube removed and the doctor and his staff put us immediately at ease.
Dr.Niemela was great. He communicated well, answered all questions and was very personable. He seems intelligent, organized, and an expert in his field. He made me feel confident in his skills.
Excellent bedside manners. Very efficient staff and no delays for my appointment time.
I received excellent care. I was extremely comfortable, I didn’t feel nervous at all. All the nurses and everyone were so good. I highly recommend Dr. Bambach for any procedure!
I went to Dr Randall in April to have significant rotator cuff damage repaired on my left shoulder. I recently had my 6 month follow-up appiontment and I couldn’t be more pleased with my outcome. All the Physical Therapy staff were great as well. Top notch service from Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital.
Dr. Rayner took time to hear what was going on with me. I was very pleased and satisfied with the results.
They took very good care of me