Funding and Program Plans

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital is building a new Behavioral Health Program named “Community Connect” to reduce health disparities related to mental health, substance abuse and adverse childhood events by increasing access to services and treatment options. In 2018, SMH was awarded over $300,000 to create a program to address these issues in our community. The hospital is partnering with community agencies to connect vital resources to our residents and surrounding counties. The Community Connect Program utilizes an integrated team approach that includes a patient navigator, medical providers, therapists, nurses, community agencies, law enforcement, and our school systems. The program seeks to coordinate care between patients and community resources and provide ongoing education about mental health, substance abuse and adverse childhood events.

SMH is uniquely positioned to lead an integrated approach to address these complex issues. As an independent community hospital, we are committed to serve our community and surrounding areas.

Program Plans Include:

  • Full-Time Patient Navigator to CARE: Coordinate, Advocate, provide Resources and Educate
  • Full-Time Behavioral Health Consultant to lead program and provide immediate interventions in the patient room when necessary
  • Full-Time Behavioral Health Therapist to provide ongoing counseling in the Rural Health Clinic
  • Active participation in community groups with partnering agencies
  • Free referral services for patients and community members
  • Specialized training for providers and clinical staff
  • Ongoing education on mental health, adverse childhood experiences, adult trauma, and addiction
  • Community events and expert speakers
  • Psychiatric evaluations and treatment plans
  • Link patients to healthy alternatives to opioid use
  • Support for individuals across the lifespan
  • Community Connect website for public access
  • Private website for agencies to collaborate and coordinate care
  • Education for patients on hospital waiting area TVs

Thank You To Our Funders