Organ Donor Program

Organ Donation Saves Lives

The demand for healthy organs vastly outpaces those available for transplantation today. In Michigan, about 3,000 people are waiting for a transplant and new hope for life. Please register here to someday become a donor – and a hero.

Donation Facts

  • Of the state’s 10 million residents, about 2.7 million are registered organ donors.
  • 270 people became organ donors in 2011 and their gifts resulted in 792 life-saving transplants.
  • A record 398,000 people joined the Michigan Organ Donor Registry in 2011 – 25 percent more than the 320,000 who joined in 2010.
  • Since 2007, residents no longer sign the back of their Michigan driver’s license to indicate their wish to be an organ and tissue donor. Instead, they join the Michigan Organ Donor Registry and receive a red heart logo for their license or state ID.
  • In 2008, Michigan had a record 327 organ donors, who gave about 900 organs to those on the waiting list.
  • On average, 17 Michigan residents have organ transplants every week.
  • The supply of organs available doesn’t come close to meeting the demand. This state has about 3,000 people on the waiting list. That number is more than 114,000 nationwide.
  • Organ donors can save up to eight lives and tissue donors can substantially improve life for up to 50 sick or injured people.

Myth Busters

There’s no age limit for organ donation and many people with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, are still able to donate organs. Even people with HIV and hepatitis can donate to others with the same illnesses. Please don’t rule yourself out. Sign up today.

Please visit Gift Of Life Michigan for additional information.