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June 11, 2021

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital broke ground on Phase 2 of the Building Expansion Project in early spring of 2021. The construction is well underway with a planned completion date of December 2021. We are livestreaming our progress on YouTube and will continue to update the community as the project unfolds.

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation & Outpatient Infusion Suites Construction Video

Rehabilitation Services:

  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy rooms customized and equipped for all ages
  • NEW Aquatic rehabilitation therapy program and pool
  • Two changing rooms with independent showers
  • Spacious rehabilitation area with state-of-the-art exercise equipment for physical therapy appointments. 
  • Improved treatment space for personalized patient care, comfort, and confidentiality 
  • Onsite rehabilitation services will allow for more collaborative efforts with all medical staff throughout the organization to optimize patient care. 

Infusion Services:

  • The new infusion center includes ten infusion bays: two of which are private and a renovation of the current center.
  • The department will continue to offer chemotherapy, blood transfusions, antibiotic infusion, hydration, medication infusions, and intramuscular injections. 
  • The new suites will provide enhanced comfort and privacy for patients battling cancer with life-saving chemotherapy treatments from Green Bay Oncology.   

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Administration Building Construction

New Administrative Building:

Currently most of our administrative staff are located off site.  The administrative building will now be located behind the Alan W. Ott Rural Health Clinic with proximity to the hospital entrance. Departments included in the one-story space include: 

  • Clinical Education
  • Infection Control
  • Utilization Review Office
  • Trauma Nurse 
  • HomeCare & Hospice
  • Office space for non-clinical departments such as Administration, Health Information Management, Business Office, Human Resources, Communications, Accounting, Emergency Preparedness, Risk Management, and Information Technology
  • It will also include two New Conference Rooms with audiovisual equipment for training.

Phase 2 Renderings of the Building Expansion Project

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