How We Can Help

Our Mission and Vision for a Healthy Community

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital realizes mental health issues, childhood and adult abuse, and substance use can negatively affect us, preventing us from living our best life. This can change, and we want to help.

The Community Connect program was developed to link our patients to community resources and programs for a healthier future, both physically and mentally. There are many community services available, but many people don’t know where to turn for help. That’s where Community Connect comes in. After a service need is identified by a patient or staff member, the Community Connect “Patient Navigator” (Julie Hardy) helps link the patient to the community resource best able to meet their needs (with the patient’s permission, of course!). The patient navigator remains in contact until the patient and service are connected, and keeps the health care provider informed, too.

Julie Hardy, MS, PS Patient Navigator

We hope to all work together as a team – the patient, medical staff, patient navigator, and community – to have a healthier, happier Schoolcraft County.

Helping Those In Need

Our goal is to improve health outcomes of those we serve by increasing access to high-quality, person-centered, mental health and substance use disorder assistance programs. These programs will be trauma-informed, intergenerational, integrated medical services, along with a comprehensive staff training component.

We believe we must approach the intergenerational cycle of trauma, mental health crises, and substance abuse by addressing these issues during childhood to have a positive impact on future generations. For our adult and senior populations that are living with the effects of untreated mental health disorders, unaddressed trauma, and substance use behaviors, our goal is to support and provide needed services to help seniors attain optimal health and wellbeing. Recovery is lifelong and requires support.

Helping Those In Need

The Patient Navigator (PN) position was created to help the person and family navigate the cumbersome healthcare and substance use systems. Julie Hardy, Patient Navigator for the Community Connect Program, holds a Masters Degree in Counseling with over 6 years experience in the social work field. She is now available to work with patients who could benefit from resources in our community and surrounding areas.

Addressing the needs of the Community

The Patient Navigator will focus on coordination of care, services, and community resources to promote the overall health of children and adults. If any mental health, substance use, or additional referral needs are found during a RHC/ER visit, the person can be seen by the Patient Navigator who will help the person navigate the complex systems currently in place at many organizations. Appropriate referrals and appointments will be made at that time. Patient Navigator services will be free of charge and a referral from a provider will not be required. Patients can also self-refer. We believe the Patient Navigator is essential to the success of this program.


Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress


UP 211 Call Center

Dial 211 or 800­338­1119
2501 14th Avenue South
Escanaba, MI 49829
  • 2­1­1 call referral call center/searchable online directory
  • Area Office of Aging
  • Diabetes Outreach
  • Disability Services
  • Housing Programs
  • Long Term Care Programs
  • Mediation/Resolution Services
  • Medicaid Assistance
  • Ombudsman Services
  • Wellness & Caregiver Programs
All ages

All incomes

Public Health


Luce Mackinac Alger Schoolcraft District Health Department

(800) 562­4832 Toll Free

(906) 341­6951 Main
300 Walnut Street
Manistique, Michigan 49854
  • Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Children’s Special Healthcare Services
  • Communicable Disease Services
  • Family Planning
  • Hearing Vision Screening
  • Home Visiting
  • Immunizations Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP)
  • STD testing
  • WIC (Women, Infant and Children)
Pregnancy 0­-5
FamiliesAll income
Schoolcraft County

Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)


300 Walnut St. Courthouse, Rm. 175A

Manistique, MI 49854

  • Abuse & Neglect
  • Adoption & Foster Care
  • Adult & Senior Services
  • Behavioral Health
  • Cash Assistance
  • Childcare Assistance
  • Children’s Special Health care
  • Children’s Trust Fund
  • Child Support
  • Domestic & Sexual Violence
  • Emergency Relief (home, utilities, burial)
  • Food assistance
  • Healthcare Coverage & Medicaid
  • Informed Consent for Abortion
  • Juvenile Justice
  • MI Rehab Services
  • Native American Services
  • Protective Services (adult & child)
  • Safe Delivery (legal surrender of newborns)
  • Safe Sleep
All ages
Delta Schoolcraft Great Start

906-­786-­9300 ext 109

Delta­Schoolcraft Great Start 2525 3rd Ave South

Escanaba, MI 49829
  • Community Events and Information
  • Great Start Readiness Program
  • Home Visiting
  • Parent Coalition
  • Parent Support
Pregnancy 0­8

All Incomes


Upper Peninsula Commission for Area Progress


UP 211 Call Center

Dial 211 or 800­338­1119
2501 14th Avenue South
Escanaba, MI 49829
  • 2­-1-­1 call referral call center/searchable online directory
  • Area Office of Aging
  • Diabetes Outreach
  • Disability Services
  • Housing Programs
  • Long Term Care Programs
  • Mediation/Resolution Services
  • Medicaid Assistance
  • Ombudsman Services
  • Wellness & Caregiver Programs
All ages
All incomes
Delta Schoolcraft Intermediate School District (DSISD) 906-­786-­9300

2525 3rd Avenue South Escanaba, MI 49829

  • Career Tech programs
  • Developmental Screenings (Child Find)
  • Great Start
  • Preschool
  • Special Education Services
Delta County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) 906­-786-­5394

305 Ludington St.

Escanaba, MI 49829

  • Abuse & Neglect
  • Adoption & Foster Care
  • Adult & Senior Services
  • Behavioral  Health
  • Cash Assistance
  • Childcare Assistance
  • Children’s Special Health care
  • Children’s Trust Fund
  • Child Support
  • Domestic & Sexual Violence
  • Emergency Relief (home, utilities, burial)
  • Food assistance
  • Healthcare Coverage & Medicaid
  • Informed Consent for Abortion
  • Juvenile Justice
  • MI Rehab  Services
  • Native American Services
  • Protective Services (adult & child)
  • Safe Delivery (legal surrender of newborns)
  • Safe Sleep
All ages

All incomes

Great Start to Quality



104 Coles Drive, Suite F
Marquette, MI 49855
  • Childcare and Preschool Information
  • Childcare provider information and education/training opportunities
Birth thru School Age
All Incomes

Menominee Delta Schoolcraft Community Action Agency


507 1st Avenue North Escanaba, MI 49829

  • Assistance – Housing, heat, food
  • Early Head Start/Head Start
  • Preschool services
  • Senior services
  • Weatherization
  • Welcome Newborns (safe sleep, toilet training, pregnancy/parent support)


Pregnancy Services of Delta County 906­786­7474

1801 Ludington St.

Escanaba, MI 49829

  • Educational Classes
  • Man­-to-­Man Mentoring
  • Parenting Classes
  • Peer Counseling
  • Post Abortion Support
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Resource Closet (Material items for infants, toddlers and pregnant women)
Prenatal thru

age 5

All Incomes

Public Health PHDM

Public Health Delta and Menominee Counties


2920 College Ave

Escanaba, MI 49812

  • Alcohol & Drug Prevention
  • Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention
  • Children’s Special Healthcare Services
  • Communicable  Disease  Services
  • Early On
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Family Planning
  • Hearing Vision Screening
  • Home Visiting
  • Immunizations
  • MI Child/Healthy Kids Insurance
  • Smoking Cessation
  • STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) testing
  • WIC (Women, Infant and Children)
Pregnancy 0­-5

Families All Ages

Various Income Levels

Community connect program
For more information please contact:
Julie Hardy, Patient Navigator
Rural Health Clinic


Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Rural Health Clinic
7870W US Hwy 2,
Manistique MI 49854

Read what clients have to say about Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital

Everyone in the ambulatory care/outpatient surgery were great!! They all made me feel very comfortable and did a great job!!! thank you to the whole outpatient staff and Doctor Rayner..I would recommend Schoolcraft or patient to anyone in need of surgery

Reviewer: Jeremy Sitkoski


5 out of 5 stars

The care that was provided by The nurses (Cindy, Felicia Ruth) and staff was exceptional. The entire staff was very friendly and made you feel welcome. We received a call from Felicia the next day to check on my husband to check his pain level and do a follow up. The surgery area from check in to check out was well organized, clean, and up to date. Thank you to all of you for what you do so well and everything beyond your normal duties.

Reviewer: Maureen DesChamps


5 out of 5 stars