Medical Control

Med Control Protocols – Effective August 2018


Schoolcraft Medical Control Authority Protocol Test 2015 (3)

DNR_update_March_14_SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014

Med Control 2015

Newborn Resuscitation_SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
MI_MEDIC_protocol_SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014 1-22_
Excited Delirium SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
Crush Syndrome Schoolcraft MCA 10 26 2014

DNR update_March_14_SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
Spinal Injury Assessment SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
Spinal Precautions SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
Schoolcraft Medical Control Authority Protocol Test 2015 (3)
Refusal of Care SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
Obstetrical Emergencies FINAL_
Pediatric Assessment Treatment definitions and MI MEDIC added SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
Refusal of Care SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
Schoolcraft Medical Control Authority Protocol Test 2015 (3)
Spinal Injury Assessment SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
Spinal Precautions SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
1-22_Excited_Delirium SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
5-36_Crush_Syndrome Schoolcraft MCA 10 26 2014
DNR_update_March_14_SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014MI_MEDIC_protocol_SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014 Newborn Resuscitation SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014
Obstetrical Emergencies FINAL
Pediatric Assessment Treatment definitions and MI MEDIC added SCHOOLCRAFT 10262014

Adult Cardiac Protocols

Adult Cardiac Table of Contents
Bradycardia Protocol
Cardiac Arrest-General
Cardiac Arrest-ROSC
Chest Pain-Acute Coronary Syndrome
Hypothermia Cardiac Arrest
Nitroglycerin Drip Supplement
Pain ManagementPulmonary Edema-CHF
VFib Pulseless VT

Adult Treatment Protocols

Adult Treatment Table of Contents
Adult Abdominal Pain
Adult Trauma
Altered Mental Status
Anaphylaxis Allergic
Drowning Near Drowning
General Pre-Hospital Care Protocol
Heat Emergencies
Hypothermia Frostbite
Nausea Vomiting
OB Emergencies
Respiratory Distress
Spinal Injury Assessment

CBRNE Protocols

CBRNE Table of Contents
Chemical exposure protocol
CHEMPACK protocol
Cyanide Exposure
Cyanide Exposure Supplement
General CBRNE
MEDDRUN Protocol
Nerve Agent
Pre-hospital (EMS) MCA Mutual Aid agreement

Pediatric Cardiac

Pediatric Cardiac Table of Contents
Pediatric AsystolePEA3-16
Pediatric Bradycardia
Pediatric Cardiac Arrest-General
Pediatric Narrow Complex Tachycardia
Pediatric VFP ulselessVT1-11
Pediatric Wide Complex Tachycardia 3-11

Pediatric Treatment

Pediatric Treatment Table of Contents
Pediatric Altered Mental Status
Pediatric Anaphylaxis-Allergic Reaction
Pediatric Assessment & Treatment
Pediatric Bronchospasm
Pediatric Burns
Pediatric Drowning Near Drowning
Pediatric Fever
Pediatric Nausea Vomiting
Pediatric Newborn Assessment Treatment Resuscitation
Pediatric Poison Overdose
Pediatric Respiratory Distress Failure or Arrest
Pediatric Seizures
Pediatric Shock
Pediatric Trauma

Procedure Protocols 

1 Procedures Table of Contents
12 Lead ECG
Abuseand Neglect
Adrenal Crisis
Automated External Defibrillator
Contaminated Patient
CPAP BiPAP Optional
Dead on Scene
Do Not Resuscitate
Electrical Therapy
Emergency Airway Procedure
EMS Immunization TB Testing
EpiPen for MFR supplement
Helmet Removal
Impedance Threshold Device Optional
Nebulized Bronchodilators
Oxygen Administration
Pain Management
Patient Assesment
Patient Care Record, Electronic Documentation & EMS Information System
Patient Restraint
Patient Sedation
Pleural Decompression
Refusal of Care
Spinal Immobilization
Suspected Pandemic Influenza
Termination of Resuscitation
Tourniqet Application
Vagal Maneuvers
Vascular Access & IV Fluid Therapy
Waveform Capnography

System Protocols

1 System Protocols Table of Contents
Cancellation Downgrade of Call
Communicable Disease
Communications failure
Complaint Investigation and Resolution
Destination and Diversion Guidelines Policy
Disciplinary Action Appeal
Documentation Procedure
Due Process and Disciplinary Procedures
Field Drug Box IV Kits
Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act Protocol
Helicopter protocol
Infection Control
Intercept Protocol.
Inter-Facility Transfer.procedure
Latex sensitive.policy
Licensure Level Requirement of Attendant During Transport
MCI Protocol
Med Control Privileges
Medical Priority Response and Transport
Patient prioritization
Pharmacy Drug box and iv kit exchange policy
Physician on Scene
Protocol Deviation Procedure
Quality Improvement
Responsibilities of the participants in the MCA
Violent.Hazardous.Chemical Scene Protocol
Waiver of EMS Patient Side