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The Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees and the Senior Leadership Team are proud to announce that the $12.8 Million Project is now complete.




Rehabilitation Center & Aquatic Pool

Center & Aquatic Pool

Chemotherapy & Infusion Suites

Chemotherapy &
Infusion Suites

Expanded Rural Health Clinic

Rural Health Clinic

Administration Building


HomeCare & Hospice

HomeCare &

Specialty Clinic


As we launch the final phase of the Master Facilities Plan, which started in 2013, the needs of our patients remain our highest priority. The new construction and renovation will reduce barriers for our rural residents, increasing access to vital healthcare services closer to home.

Uniting our clinical care team will improve the continuity of care and coordination of services for patients. Patients can expect 5-star service offerings in an efficient and well-designed space to provide the best care possible for over 9,500 residents in our service area. Our Facility Master Plan will consolidate all medical and surgical services on one easy-to-access campus and expand service capacities for specialties, infusion, rehabilitation therapies, laboratory, and the Alan W. Ott Rural Health Clinic.


In the last few years, Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital has focused on growth and expansion of services. Over $2.2 million has been invested in diagnostic equipment and updated facilities.


In January of 2020, Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital implemented a $10 Million Cerner Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to allow for seamless medical documentation across campuses and service lines.


In the last five years, over 80 Full-Time positions have been added as a result of service expansion in specialty and outreach clinics throughout our region. SMH remains the largest employer in Schoolcraft County, with over $19 million dedicated to annual salaries. Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital (SMH) is and will continue to be a vital part of our region’s fabric – as the area’s largest employer and provider of critical healthcare services.


Phase Two of our Facility Master Plan inlcluded the construction of 8,130 SF of new space for rehabilitation services on the west end of the hospital, an additional 2,037 SF for infusion services on the south end of our Outpatient Care Unit, and 12,555 SF of new administrative space on the east end of the hospital campus. It will also include the renovation of 8,199 SF of existing space and expansion of the Alan W. Ott Rural Health Clinic, create a new Specialist Clinic, and provide additional space for the clinical laboratory.


Due to the continued service line growth in the last six years, most non-clinical employees were moved offsite. The new construction and renovation now accommodates non-clinical services and the administration team. The hospital has also acquired and operates two additional satellite clinic spaces to accommodate growth in family medicine (Naubinway) and behavioral health (Manistique Downtown Clinic located at 101 Walnut Street.)

Building Expansion Overview

The Phase Two Building Expansion Project is expected to cost approximately $12.8 million and is primarily financed through USDA rural development funds. To be good financial stewards and mitigate the costs associated with financing such a large project, we will fund a portion of the project through fund development efforts to Raise $1 million in charitable donations. In addition, we are contributing $2.5 million of our funds to the project.

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The New Infusion Center includes ten infusion bays, two of which are private and a renovation of the current center. The department will continue to offer chemotherapy, blood transfusions, antibiotic infusion, hydration, medication infusions, and intramuscular injections. The New Infusion Center will enhance comfort and privacy for patients battling cancer with life-saving chemotherapy treatments from Green Bay Oncology.

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital is extremely fortunate to have highly trained specialists serving residents across the Upper Peninsula. Our new Specialty Clinic will have a spacious and comfortable waiting area, separate from other hospital services. Our providers will be located close to their patient rooms allowing for better flow and improved efficiency. Our diverse team of specialty providers is what sets us apart from other Critical Access Hospitals.

Other additional traveling specialists rotate through our Alan W. Ott Rural Health Clinic, providing care to our patients. Visiting specialists include Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Interventional Radiology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Obstetrics & Urology.

Currently most of our administrative staff are located off site. The administrative building will now be located behind the Alan W. Ott Rural Health Clinic with proximity to the hospital entrance. Departments included in the one-story space include:

The community support we have experienced has been incredible. Your ongoing trust in our hospital drives our strategic plan, moves us forward to a future of continued growth, and allows us to stay at the forefront of medical technology for the ever improving health of our rural communities.

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We will be the trusted first choice for our patients, staff, and physicians.


To provide quality health and wellness services for the people of our region.

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital (SMH) is an independent, critical access hospital that has proudly served Schoolcraft County and the surrounding region with quality health and wellness services since 1950. In 2013, a new 12-bed, state-of-the-art Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic were constructed on US Highway 2. The new facility plays an important role in maintaining quality medical professionals and recruiting additional medical staff and their families to our community. Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital delivers care and service with excellence, continually upgrading and adding services as needs are identified, and viability is verified.

SMH is the largest employer in Schoolcraft County. The financial impact of an annual payroll of over $19 million has a significant economic impact on our community.

The Cerner Medical Record Software is a secure recordkeeping technology that gives our health care providers immediate electronic access to the patient's entire SMH healthcare records across all hospital and clinic areas. This improves provider response time and recordkeeping. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the major insurance companies encourage hospitals to utilize advanced billing software such as Cerner because of the improvements in coding, billing access and Accuracy.

Andy Bertapelle
Chief Executive Officer

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The First Phase of our Master Facilities Plan, the expansion in 2013, left several departments offsite, including HomeCare, Hospice, and Rehabilitation Services. This was an intentional result of our long-range and master facilities planning, which called for an economically sound approach to building a two-phase process. As we move into Phase Two, we continue to increase the number and kinds of patient services we provide at our Critical Access Hospital and Rural Health Clinic. In the spring of 2021, will begin construction which includes renovation and expansion of the current Rural Health Clinic, a new state of the art rehabilitation center with an aquatic pool, Chemotherapy Infusion Expansion, and an administration building, which will unite our care teams in a central and convenient location.

SMH provides access to centralized services eliminating patients’ need to drive to multiple locations to receive SMH health care. This is especially important for those who rely on public transportation as well as those with limited mobility. Overall, health care services will continue to improve with all care providers and administrative services located on one campus. The highest level of patient care occurs when health care providers can consult and refer within their provider groups. Our aging population represents an opportunity to provide quality specialized healthcare services that come with serving this population.

You can be confident that SMH has adapted to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic taught us many things, but preeminent among these is affirming Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital’s importance as an economic force and service provider in our region. We have successfully worked to provide care to COVID patients and are at the forefront of vaccine delivery.

SMH maintains our core values, working with health partners and providers across the Upper Peninsula to make certain we can take immediate action whenever challenges face our organization. You can be confident that SMH and our team of “healthcare heroes” will stand ready to serve with excellence and compassion throughout this pandemic and beyond.

On behalf of the SMH Board of Directors, our leaders, providers, and staff, I hope you join us in supporting our community’s health and well-being by donating to the Moving Forward Phase Two Building Expansion Campaign.

As a nonprofit hospital, Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital also provides community benefits beyond normal service delivery. As the largest employer in Schoolcraft County, we know that our employees impact the community. In 2018, we started an SMHCARES initiative encouraging employees to get involved and be recognized for their efforts. Over 200 employees are engaged and involved in our communities by volunteering their time, talents, and efforts and the community benefits greatly.

Although many community events were canceled or held virtually in 2020, we were still able to participate in a variety of events that supported our community.
Although many community events were canceled or held virtually in 2020, we were still able to participate in a variety of events that supported our community.
SMH has hosted the Feeding America Food truck. SMH Staff and Volunteers fed over 450 local families with over 20,000 pounds of food monthly.
In 2020, our community efforts shifted to protect our community and bring hope through drive-through COVID-19 testing, and vaccine distribution.

Our Community Connect program links patients to vital resources linked to addiction, mental health, and adverse childhood experiences. Our patient navigator provides referrals and guidance to patients, providers, and community agencies.

Good financial stewardship, expansion of service offerings, and community support allow us to move into Phase Two of our Project. The community's appreciation for and use of the state of the art facilities paired with employee satisfaction has proven that Phase One remains highly successful.

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital is the only hospital in Schoolcraft County and also serves Delta, Luce, Alger, and Mackinac Counties. SMH is unique in its mission to provide for the population's inpatient and outpatient health needs. In addition to this core mission, we are committed to maintaining our position as the leading employer and economic driver of success in the County.

Phase Two includes 30,900 sq ft of new construction and renovated space to include functions that currently operate offsite.

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Manistique, Michigan

Benefits of Uniting Our Team and Services Onto One Campus

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital has a long record of service to our community. We are thankful for the support of the Individual, Foundation and Corporate Donors that provided over $1 million in support for Phase One of our facility plan.

Any major construction project is costly, especially in the technology-dependent healthcare industry. The financial feasibility study conducted by Eide Bailey in 2019 supports this estimated $12,800,000 Phase Two Expansion project.
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The Financial Support of our Communities is Key

Our residents have already begun to express their loyalty by stepping forward and making contributions to help our hospital realize this next phase and keep pace with the community’s needs. Even though a community campaign has not yet been launched, as of July 1, 2022, over $800,000 has been raised in donations and pledges towards our $1,000,000 goal.

To meet our campaign goal of $1,000,000, Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital needs the support of individuals, families, businesses, and foundations. Please consider giving today to help secure a healthy future for Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital and our rural communities for which we all care so deeply. You can donate today - either with a one-time gift of cash, credit, EFT, appreciated securities, or by making a one to three-year pledge. Every gift - no matter the size - is appreciated.

We ask that donors consider payments of gifts over a three-year period. A pledge allows you to extend your giving over a longer time, allowing you to make a larger gift. The success of our campaign depends on the receipt of donations of this type. Get smart for health care - Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Manistique

Make a one-time gift or pledge using a credit card on our website. Access this through the QR code, at SCMH.ORG or by using our secure text donation platform by texting the phrase SMHCARES to the number (906) 224-2207.

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If you are interested in leaving a bequest in your will or other deferred gifts to the Capital Campaign, please use our legal name, Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, or contact the Fund Development Department at 906-341-3250.

There are tax advantages in giving certain appreciated securities for the Capital Campaign. In general, an income tax deduction is allowed for the full fair market value of these gifts, and the donor will not pay tax on the appreciation. You are encouraged to seek the advice of your financial planner, attorney, and/or tax advisor to make certain that a contemplated gift fits well into your overall circumstances and planning.

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital is pleased to offer many recognition opportunities to acknowledge the generosity of donors to the Moving Forward Campaign. Naming Opportunities represent a lasting, meaningful way to honour the memory of someone special or to pay homage to a living individual’s passion and commitment to Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital. We have facilities, rooms, and areas available to be dedicated in the names of individuals, families, foundations, and corporations that generously support our mission and vision. Named gifts continue the memory of those honored and serve as an ongoing inspiration to succeeding generations.

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*The Complete Naming Opportunities List is Available Upon Request

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