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Paving the Way to Wellness…One Brick at a Time

Coming into the woodland setting of the hospital’s Healing Gardens, stress lightens and healing begins. This feeling continues as you walk amid trees and a stream, passed the beautiful landscape plantings that vibrate with color, bustle with pollinators and birds, or glisten with rain or snow. Inviting seating gives you a place to relax and feel rejuvenated.

As you enter a healing garden area, your senses are awakened to the color of the blooming flowers, the sounds of birds or crickets or the wind in the trees. You smell the pine trees and fresh air. You can touch the soft grass and plants.

The goal of a healing garden is to evoke a sense of calm, peacefulness, where people feel safe, comfortable and even invigorated. The Healing Gardens at Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital will provide that much needed, quiet corner where families, patients and staff can reflect, regroup and replenish their spirits.

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4 x 8 Brick – $50
8 x 8 Brick – $100
12 x 12 Brick – $150

We invite you to introduce the Healing Garden concept to your church, family, employer, civic organization or other group you may know that donates to non-profits. You may wish to donate in the  memory or honor of a loved one and/or to be a part of something special yourself.

Your thoughtful philanthropic support of the Healing Garden will enable us to maintain, broaden and enhance the garden program.

Personalize a custom brick by having it engraved with the name of your family or loved one, business, pet, anything! Purchasing an engraved brick is a great way to leave a lasting legacy in the gardens.


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We are currently in the planning phase of the project and envisioned is a main healing garden and several smaller, more defined gardens. Special gardens or retreats for special people; patients, visitors and staff are all welcome. hcucc

Plans for these areas include a central garden for healing therapy, class space for the general public such as meditation and relaxation techniques, tai chi, yoga and other special events. There will be some raised garden beds that are wheelchair accessible. Comfortable seating will be available so that you can relax and enjoy the fresh air. The gardens will be maintained with organic, sustainable techniques to help ensure there is no risk to the compromised immune systems of some of our clients.

Garden Wish List

Donations are welcomed and appreciated. It is our hope that many organizations, individuals and businesses will support this project with donations of funding, plants, materials and time to make the gardens a dream come true. The garden wish list includes the following:

  • Plantsimg40
  • Materials for raised planting beds
  • Organic compost, soil & mulch
  • Volunteer labor
  • Benches or seating & arbors
  • Wind chimes or other outdoor art
  • Tools

Contact Us

Sharon Boyd, The Healing Gardens Coordinator

Phone: 906-341-3232
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