Medical/Surgical Nursing


Diagnostic, surgical or therapeutic services may require patients to be admitted to the hospital.  A hospital setting provides the monitoring, equipment and around-the-clock staffing needed for these services.

Inpatient services are provided to patients needing medical or surgical care, typically requiring a stay greater than 24-hours.

Similar to Inpatient care, Outpatient/Observation care is provided to patients needing medical or surgical care, that require a less than 24-hour stay.

Observation Notice to Patients

At Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital your health care team may include a physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner, a Hospitalist physician, and a well trained nursing staff including ACLS and PALS certified RNs.

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~The Journey from the Hospital … to Your Home

Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital’s Swing Bed Program is designed to provide skilled nursing and therapy care to those who are in transition from their recovery after illness, injury, or surgery.

At Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, our team of therapists and nurses provide hands-on support to help patients relearn basic activities to recuperate and regain their maximum level of independence. 

“I was especially impressed by the program’s team approach”.

The Patient must be covered under Medicare and have been admitted:

~to the hospital as an inpatient for at least three (3) consecutive qualifying days before entering the skilled/swing program.
~to the skilled/swing program within thirty (30) days of discharge from the hospital.
~for the same condition for which they were treated in the hospital.
~certified by a doctor as needing skilled services on a daily basis.
~requiring daily skilled services on an inpatient basis (services which cannot be provided in a lesser care setting).

“The entire staff involved in my care was constantly patient, caring, compassionate and encouraging”.