Community Health Needs Assessment

For years, hospitals that provide a significant amount of free and low-cost benefits and services to their communities have not been required to pay Federal taxes. These hospitals must be not-for-profit, and must meet certain requirements set by the Internal Revenue Service.

Schoolcraft Memorial has always been a non-profit organization, but in 2007 the hospital applied for and was granted a specific non-profit status as a charitable care organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).

On March 23, 2010, President Barack Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). One of its many requirements is that hospitals under IRC Section 501(r), in addition to the community benefits and services they have always provided, are now required to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) once every three years.

In completing the CHNA, the hospital must consult with persons who represent the community’s interests, determine the priority health needs of the community, and develop an implementation strategy to meet those needs.

The 458-page book, available on-line, includes health survey results; data on demographics,
access to care, health across the lifespan, behavioral health and substance abuse;
rankings of community health issues; and 15 county-level data summaries

Six Upper Peninsula health departments and 36 community partners announce the
release of the latest edition of the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) covering all 15
U.P. counties. The 458-page report, now available on-line to the general public, provides a
wealth of information on the health status of U.P.’s 300,000 residents.

The newly published CHNA is the culmination of an 18-month project led by local health
departments in collaboration with hospitals, behavioral health agencies and health
foundations. It includes data on health across the lifespan, access to care, community issues
like drug abuse, and results from an extensive health survey conducted last August.
Stakeholders will use the data to inform residents, identify priorities for community health
improvement, and measure changes over time.“Community health needs assessment and health improvement planning are core functions of public health,” said Kate Beer, the Western U.P. Health Department health officer.

“The findings in this report will help healthcare providers and communities address the health
needs of people across the region.”

Beer said the unique partnership of 42 organizations serving the U.P. continues to make
it possible to conduct a comprehensive regional assessment of this breadth and depth.

“This is a very robust assessment, with county-level data on topics from pregnancy and
births to leading causes of death,” said Beer. “With survey data from more than 3,500 U.P.
residents, we have a wealth of information on general health status and prevalence of chronic
diseases; health behaviors like diet, exercise, and alcohol, tobacco and drug use; rates for
accessing preventive care like checkups, dental visits, immunizations and cancer screenings;
and rankings as to the relative importance of 16 broad health issues, based on respondents’
perceptions of their communities.”

The assessment’s key findings outlined in its executive summary include:

• A first look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

• The impact of the region’s aging population on current and future healthcare needs;

• The importance of prevention – reducing tobacco use, maintaining a healthy body
weight, and not drinking to excess – in reducing rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes
and other chronic diseases;

• Disparities in health access, behaviors and outcomes for residents of various income and
education levels;

• Improvements in health insurance coverage over the past few years, countered by
persistent widespread health professional shortages for primary care, dental care, and
behavioral health services; and

• Residents’ concerns about issues including the high cost of health care, economic
conditions, drug use, and shortage of mental health programs and services, among
many community health issues.

The report also highlights emerging health issues, including the continued opioid
epidemic and increased use of marijuana, and the expanding risk of tickborne illness such as
Lyme disease and anaplasmosis.

Although there are clearly challenges ahead, local health officials express optimism at
the prospects for improving the health of U.P. residents.


Click on the links below to view the full reports.

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