SMH Honors Flo Demers as Employee of the Year for 2014

March 11, 2015

Flo has been employed by SMH as a certified nurse’s aide in the homecare department since 1997. She is well known throughout the hospital and community for her beautiful, caring and compassionate personality and her high standards of performance. From saving her patient from a burning building to consoling a grieving widow, she always cares for her patients and family members with respect and dignity. She is highly respected by her peers and appreciated by her patients because of the way she treats others. She is always the positive person on the team and exhibits a “win-win” philosophy. Flo’s involvement in the hospital and community are a testimony to her sense of compassion. She shows great welfare of others and is actively motivated in finding solutions to difficult challenges. She goes the extra step to make sure her patients and families are always comfortable, secure and satisfied. Flo is such an asset to SMH and this community and because of that we are honored to announce her as the 2014 Employee of the Year. If you see Flo out in the community, congratulate her for this amazing accomplishment.

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