Students tour Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital

October 29, 2013

Students from St. Francis De Sales School were able to tour our new hospital and learn all about germs.  Students from Kindergarten through 4th grade participated and both the students and the Hospital staff enjoyed the time together.

Randy Middledorf took them on the tour where they learned about what goes on in different areas of the hospital.

Cathy Flores taught them all about the importance of good hand washing.  She used a special powder with black light that simulates how the transfer of germs work.  The kids got a kick out of this as the powder started out on hands but managed to find its way to faces and clothing which happened to get quite a few laughs.

Sharon Boyd took some samples of everyday things we touch and showed the children actual bacterial growth.

The kids were attentive and interested and had lots of questions.

Overall, a good time was had by all.





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