Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Offers Virtual Visits for Primary Care

April 6, 2020
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Welcome to Virtual Visits at Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital

If you have not already done so, take a moment to join your Cerner HealtheLife patient portal. After you self-enroll, you can download the app on your mobile/tablet devices. If you don’t have a smart phone, you can use a laptop or desktop computer.
Your HealtheLife Patient Portal Allows You To:

✅Have virtual appointments with your Primary Care Provider
✅View your lab results
✅View and request appointments
✅Request medication renewals and refills
✅Send messages to your Primary Care Provider

.… and so much more

STEP 1 – Register for the Patient Portal



Once your patient portal account is verified, you can request virtual visits by calling the Rural Health Clinic Scheduling Office at 906-341-2153 EXT 1.

Click on the boxes below to learn how to prepare for your virtual visit.

Dear Patient,

Before logging onto the HealtheLife Patient Portal, we ask that you take some time to prepare for your visit.

If possible, please choose a quiet room for your visit, where you can speak with your provider with as much privacy as you desire, and with minimum interruptions.

Please make sure that you have adequate internet reception in the area you have chosen for your visit.

Please have the following items available, if possible:

1. If you have a home scale, please check your weight, and have this result ready for your visit. Weighing yourself in your clothes but without shoes on, similar to what we would do in the office, is preferred.
2. If you have a home blood pressure cuff, please check an updated blood pressure prior to your visit, and have the reading, as well as your home BP machine, available during the visit.
3. If you have a home thermometer, please check your temperature prior to the visit, and have this result available for your provider.
4. If you are a diabetic, please have your blood sugar log and meter available.
5. Please have your prescription medications in their original containers available for review.

Login To HealtheLife Patient Portal Now

If your account is registered then you are ready to login to the Patient Portal.

Connecting to Virtual Visits

If you need instructions on how to start your virtual visit, click on the instruction boxes below.

If you need assistance with the Cerner HealtheLife Patient Portal, call our office Monday – Friday at 906-341-3266 or Email Us at

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